Lashing solutions

The exceptional lightness of the synthetic chain brings an enormous easiness on cargo handling.
Thus, allowing the use of much longer lashing systems (i.e. 20 meters) by one single operator.
Protects the cargo which is getting heavier and bulkier every day. In this way, it avoids claims and complaints.
The synthetic chain offers a longer life-time due to its non-rusty properties and it is highly resistant to abrasion and cuts.
Much easier to shorten and to adapt to the required length of use.
The synthetic chain can be guided around the load in a more flexible way.
The elongation of the Murlink® synthetic chain under constant load is lower than 2,5%.

Breaking loads and lashing capacities

LOAD (tonne)
MURLINK 102004 10,00 5,00
MURLINK 152006 15,00 7,50
MURLINK 172007 17,50 8,75
MURLINK 202008 20,00 10,00
MURLINK 243006 24,00 12,00
MURLINK 283007 28,00 14,00
MURLINK 323008 32,00 16,00
MURLINK 423010 42,00 21,00

Tailored Murlink® chains projects with higher MBL available on request
Specific length/link Murlink® chains dimensions available on request
Full range of lashing accessories available on request, preassembled to Murlink® chains